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So you’re ready to place your property on the market. Congrats! There are a few steps to take when preparing your home for the sale. This includes getting any needed repairs, cosmetic adjustments, cleaning and staging done to help get the best possible price for your investment. By working with a knowledgeable real estate agent on your transaction, you can take comfort in knowing that they have your best interest at heart.

Below are a few simple, yet effective, ways you can help brighten your home and prepare to bring it on the market.


  • Keep lawn edges cut and watered regularly

  • Trim hedges and prune trees

  • Place potted seasonal flowers near front entrance

  • Sweep and wash sidewalks (if local water-use rules permit)

Questions on where to start? Need market comps? Contact Jes.


  • Check foundation, steps and walkways for cracks and crumbling

  • Inspect doors and windows for peeling paint

  • Clean and straighten gutters

  • Replace damaged or loose roof shingles

  • Apply a fresh coat of paint to front door

  • Install clearly readable, elegant house numbers


  • Clean walls thoroughly

  • Wash windows inside and out

  • Dust carefully, clean out cobwebs

  • Re-caulk showers, tubs and sinks

  • Polish faucets and mirrors

  • Clean out refrigerator

  • Wax the floors

  • Replace worn-out rugs

  • Hang up fresh towels


To bring out the best in your home, expert interior designers can also be called upon to provide the right furniture and accents. By working with a Berkshire Hathaway agent, you’ll also be supported by one of their partners, Pinnacle staging service. Pinnacle also provides renovation, cosmetic and other elite services like packing, moving, hauling, trash removal and much more.



Deciding on how much to ask for your home isn’t as easy as checking its approximate value on some of the popular real estate websites. Every seller wants to attain the best possible price and terms. It’s not just location that determines the maximum amount for any home on the market, there are plenty more factors to consider.

Research from the National Association of REALTORS® shows that overpricing your home and then dropping the price several times while it sits on the market usually leads to selling it at a much lower price than what you originally should have asked for it. The longer a home is on the market, the deeper the discount will likely be from its original price.


When meeting with an agent to discuss the price of your property, you will be provided with a Comparative Market Analysis. The experienced agent will present detailed data with relevant market conditions, neighborhood comparisons, bedroom count, square footage and other vital factors. 


Here are a few things a Comparative Market Analysis should include:


  • The sales prices for similar nearby homes sold in the past few months

  • Listing prices for competing homes currently on the market

  • Asking prices for homes taken off the market because they didn’t sell and, if available, why not

  • How many days homes were on the market at various price points

  • The average difference between the list prices and sale prices on homes that were sold


Working with the right agent can help sell your property with ease. Your knowledgeable agent will guide you with preparing your home for the market, pricing at the most desirable and profitable amount, attending all showings and open houses, reviewing all offers and documents with you, negotiate on your behalf and help execute the escrow process. 


  • Replace cracked floor and/or counter tiles

  • Patch holes in walls

  • Replace burned-out bulbs

  • Fix doors that don’t close cleanly and quietly (same for drawers/cabinets)

  • Fix or replace leaky faucets

  • Replaced damaged windows, including those that are scratched

  • Patch visible cracks in concrete or brickwork

  • Replace carpeting or have it professionally cleaned

  • Replace old or flaking wallpaper

  • Switch outdated appliances and decor

Placing your property on the market is a huge step, congrats! You can assure your listing is in the right hands when working with Realtor® Jes. By working with the tech-savvy real estate agent, sellers can expect:

• Aerial drone photography

• 3D virtual tour

• Promotional marketing video

• Custom listing website

• Specialized